A good search engine ranking begins with the right keywords used in the right way and placed appropriately and intelligently throughout your site’s architecture.

Our sites make great friends with Google

At Tasty Pixels, SEO begins at the design stage. From the very beginning, we build in the basic features and elements which Google considers “important” and we avoid the pitfalls which can get your site removed from Google’s listing.



Get SEO right from the start

We begin by understanding the features in web sites Google is looking for. We apply Google’s Webmaster Standards throughout your site build to ensure that your site is compliant.

Appropriate use and placement of keywords will not only improve your Google ranking, but it will serve as an excellent foundation for other forms of Search Engine Optimisation.


The right tools for the job

We use the world’s number one SEO plugin to help us manage your site content and structure so that your opportunities for high search engine rankings are maximised.

The Yoast SEO plugin helps us to efficiently integrate keywords into all the required components of your site. Best of all, you will find it easy to use when we hand the site over to you.


Monitor performance

Monitoring and evaluating user traffic, user behaviour and the general performance of your site is an invaluable part of developing a strategic approach to SEO and Social Media activity.

To facilitate this, we create and submit site maps on Google’s Webmaster Tools for every site we make. We set your site up on Google Analytics so that we (and you) can monitor traffic.