The Client

Pure Alchemy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice which has two clinics in Sydney, one in Crows Nest in the north and one in Woolooware, in the south. Business owner, Anissa Au, is very much focussed on women’s health, including regular wellness, skin conditions, menopause and ageing, obstetric acupuncture (including inducing and breech baby) and fertility treatment.

Sydney’s Upper North Shore has a large Asian population, but also has large adjacent business and commercial centres with a wide demographic. The population is among Sydney’s most affluent. There are a number of well established TCM practices in the area.

The Brief

Anissa’s brief was very simple: create a site with a sharp focus on women’s health services and get a high Google ranking. The site should contain a blog and this should be integrated with her Facebook page with both links to her page and the capacity for readers to “like” and share her posts.

The site would be required to present the kind of professionalism and create the trust which would position her to compete with the very high number of Western Allopathic Clinics in the area, such as Obstetricians and Medical Centres.


Web Design

We began by redeveloping the Pure Alchemy logo and capitalising on its Asian theme with “lucky” colours: golds and reds. We carried this over into the site, to bring strength to her presence, but toned this down by blending in softer colours for a very human feel. We used a large slider to immediately capture interest and empathy with her visitors. This immediately draws the visitor into the site, generates a powerful connection with the intimacy and human element of her practice, whilst creating a strong sense of trust: all without saying a word! The design and layout of the site is clean, putting the professionalism of her practice front and centre.

The site is responsive, displaying beautifully on all devices, and features large panels to promote the various healing modalities which Anissa offers. We built in all the standard Search Engine Optimisation features, making the site consistent with Google’s best practices. We installed a range of icons which help visitors on her blog to interact with Facebook.

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